Volver (For Sulu)

September 7, 2007

Volver, originalmente cargada por julianrod.

This pic is not mine, neither from this trip, but it is perfect for my purpose… well, actually my purpose is that both of you would have to learn Spanish.

The second intention is that you understand “volver”, that Angertinian song you liked, another reason why to learn Spanish.


I suspect the flicker
of the lights that far away,
guide me through my returning.
Those are the same that shone on me,
with their pale reflections,
deep hours of pain.
And though I didn’t want to return,
one always gets back to the first love.
The quiet street where the wind said:
“Yours is her life, yours is her love”,
under the mocking scrutiny of the stars
that with indifference today they see me back.

To return,
with a withered forehead,
the snows of time
grayed my temple.
To feel, that life is a breath,
that twenty years is nothing,
that hectic the look
wandering in the shadows
pursuits you and mentions you.
To live,
with the soul hooked on
a sweet memory
that I cry again.

I’m afraid of the encounter
with the past that’s coming back
facing my life.
I’m afraid of the nights
that, populated with memories,
chain my sleep.
But the traveler that flees,
sooner or later stops.
And even though all destructing oblivion,
has killed my old illusion,
it saves a small hope hidden,
that is all the treasure of my heart.




Yo adivino el parpadeo
de las luces que a lo lejos
van marcando mi retorno…
Son las mismas que alumbraron
con sus pálidos reflejos
hondas horas de dolor…

Y aunque no quise el regreso,
siempre se vuelve al primer amor…
La vieja calle donde el eco dijo
tuya es su vida, tuyo es su querer,
bajo el burlón mirar de las estrellas
que con indiferencia hoy me ven volver…

con la frente marchita,
las nieves del tiempo platearon mi sien…
que es un soplo la vida,
que veinte años no es nada,
que febril la mirada,
errante en las sombras,
te busca y te nombra.
con el alma aferrada
a un dulce recuerdo
que lloro otra vez…

Tengo miedo del encuentro
con el pasado que vuelve

a enfrentarse con mi vida…
Tengo miedo de las noches
que pobladas de recuerdos
encadenan mi soñar…

Pero el viajero que huye
tarde o temprano detiene su andar…

Y aunque el olvido, que todo destruye,

haya matado mi vieja ilusión,
guardo escondida una esperanza humilde
que es toda la fortuna de mi corazón.


September arrived, new reality, new life, so hey U!!! Get off of my cloud!!!
Always the philosophers, in live:

we love San Paco

August 30, 2007

Days 20 & 21.

Great days wandering around San Francisco, Union Square, the piers & the Bay Bridge, Chinatown (Pak getting mad taking snaps), Lompard Street and the typical slopes, Haight Ashbury adn the summer love, and by night, some serious partying with Sulu’s former workmates to know a lil about the city nightlife (dinner in a roof terrace and drinks in a pub with plenty of drag queens). Not a bad way to end a trip, not at all.

And of course, thanks a lot to Apurna, our lovely hostess in San Jose. Thank you very much.


August 30, 2007


Originally uploaded by yousi

pub in south market, SF

SF Bay Bridge

August 30, 2007

SF Bay Bridge

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seagulls resting by the Bay Bridge, when will we get some rest??

some love to be given

August 30, 2007

some love to be given

Originally uploaded by yousi
Union Square, SF

Prendido a tu botella vacía,
esa que antes, siempre tuvo gusto a nada….
dicen que hay, dicen que hay
un mundo de sensaciones
a veces hay caramelos,
con forma de corazones.

Eleanor Rigby

August 20, 2007

All the lonely people, where do they all come from?
All the lonely people, where do they all belong?

Eleanor Rigby, originalmente cargada por PAk..



August 20, 2007

Lights, originalmente cargada por PAk..


Call me

August 20, 2007

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Call me, originalmente cargada por PAk..

Walk on him

August 20, 2007

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Walk on him, originalmente cargada por PAk..